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Desire Green is a fashion forward brand which focuses on the embellishment of outerwear, such as bomber and denim jackets. The West London based brand started as a personal project for Creator, Meesha Lewis, but later developed into a online boutique with regular pop up stalls on Portobello Market. The brand name takes inspiration from the creators two grand-mothers, Justin Desire and Lorine Green, both Caribbean matriarchal artisans. Growing up, Meesha learnt how to crochet, sew, knit and other textile skills. This grew her love for fashion and textiles, which later lead to her urge for unique fashion. Finding it difficult to get a balance between simple, sophisticated but loud, Meesha went on to customise the things she liked. The brand has developed over the years, starting off with sequins but now consists of heavier embellished designs made up of Rhinestone, glass beads and diamantes.